Sunday Night

The “Pete Special Tribute”

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This past Sunday as I stood on the stairs at the Underground Wonder Bar….shooting pictures of all the musicians playing in honor of Pete Special…I was brought back to a special moment (no pun intended, but very apropos)

Some of you know the story, some may not, but it still resonates in me how things are meant to be, and how things happen in this life. I was standing there looking through my lens at Paul Coscino playing keys and Roberto Aguilera on bass, and my mind wandered back to another Sunday over two years ago. Pete had asked me to do a photo shoot at the UWB. We had taken photo’s standing right on those very steps.

David Thornton asked Sooz and I to come to see him playing with Pete Special and Yo Moma’s Boys. Long story, short….I took a lot of pictures of Pete and the boys, and found a niche in my long time passion for photography.

When I looked back at the bar Sunday Night, everybody I knew there was through knowing Pete. I remembered sitting on a bar stool at Honky Tonk BBQ having a Bourbon and meeting Erin Mulrooney for the first time, same night we met Pete’s wife Tricia. Tricia, Erin, Pete, and David introduced me to all of the amazing musicians honoring Pete on Sunday, and many more.

Then I got to thinking of that day in May when many of us assembled at Pete and Tricia’s for her birthday party. John Bowes was sitting on the back porch with us. I had never met John before, he made me laugh….and then he played…..Oh my….well we all heard John play Sunday night and I’m not sure it get’s any better than that…..

Standing on those stairs was like a flash back to some great moments that changed my life, enriched my view of the world, and more importantly introduced me to so many people I call friends…..Patricia Goldschmidt, Erin Mulrooney, John Bowes, Chuck Wasserburg, David Sims, Roberto Aguilera,Paul Coscino, Tom Leddy, Mike Gorgo, Jim Coryell, David Thornton, Stewart Weltman, Dana Maragos……Thank you.

One of the images from those stairs……

PetePhotoShoot 124


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