Jimy Sohns & the Shadows of Night

shadowsnight_0221-copyJeff Intrepid singer says…..”Such a thrill to watch Bobby Messano and Michael Weber trade licks. What an amazing dynamic!!!”

shadowsnight_6950Bobby Messano & Greg Brucker

shadowsnight_6885-copyJimy Sohns

shadowsnight_6916-copyMichael Weber & Bobby Koll

shadowsnight_6803-copyJimy Sohns & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6866-copyJimy Sohns & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6774Jimy Sohns

shadowsnight_6690-copyMichael Weber & Bobby Koll

shadowsnight_6671Rick Barr, Drums

shadowsnight_6641Rick Barr, Drums

shadowsnight_6639Bobby Messano

shadowsnight_6627Bobby Messano

shadowsnight_6458Greg Brucker, formerly of the Cryan Shames is probably one of the most underrated musicians to have come out of Chicago. His grooves are tight and musical.

shadowsnight_6442-2Jeff Intrepid Singer & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6306-copyJeff Intrepid Singer

shadowsnight_6777Jeff Intrepid singer said…….”Jimy Sohns is what we all aspire to be…. someone who has never phoned in a day in his life. He’s a badass rocker who influenced and HELPED so many other musicians and he’s still doing it. Am honored to be his friend.”

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