I ran out to the woods near our house to catch the deer. I’ve seen the bucks many times but never “hanging” with each other…..3 bucks all eating the apple pieces I was cutting and throwing to them…..but the old guy (last image)….yeah he was the boss……the does scattered and the other two males just let him have his space…..way too much testosterone in this mix………DSC_4867DSC_4824DSC_4843

About the author webgregorphoto

I'm just a guy who grew up with a father who loved taking pictures. I am self taught......a little frayed around the "edges".......and honestly just an amateur.....I appreciate a good picture....a great intriguing collage........ As a visual person, images have always had an impact on me. How a particular picture reflects conflict and tension, the "edges" of our existence...whether it be that of emotion, actions, or simply metaphors in which we are drawn to ponder our own place in time.....

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