It always surprises me how things happen in this life. Some call it serendipity….others say things happen for a reason….I don’t know…..shit happens. Last August two guys are standing outside a house party….AKA The Blues Jam in Bronzeville (Chicago Neighborhood)…..One of the guys is me and the other is Martin Lang…..and as he put it…..we were both a bit “modified” if you get where I’m leaning (I think I was actually leaning against the wall at that point). I liked him, he smoked, played a mean harmonica, was a great musician to take pictures of……and we found some common ground on a few other unsaid topics. We became facebook friends, cuz thats what you do in this life right? Well… day I see a picture of Martin I really like and ask him who took that picture? He tells me Hannah Frank took it. I ask him, who’s Hannah Frank? He forwards her link to me and I IM her on Face book and tell her….”That’s an awesome picture you took of Martin……are you a photographer? (dumb me, she probably thought WTF) Hannah informs me she’s a musician. I tell her I’d love to take some pictures of her and we became facebook friends, cuz again, that’s what we do in this life. So some month’s later Hannah IM’s me and says she’s playing at Martyr’s (Wed. night).I tell my wife Sooz I wanna go hear Hannah and take some pictures. We go….I take pictures, she sits alone.(as always) and finds a friend to talk to. I come back to the table when Hannah’s done and Sooz says I met this really nice lady sitting right there…..she knows David (old friend of my wife, and now a good friend of mine). I look over and see it’s Barbara ….another facebook friend of mine, Sooz is shocked I know Barb (small word), and Sooz hates facebook….go figure. I go to talk to Barb and she tells me the guy sitting next to her is a harp player named Martin. Now, I actually am not surprised, but I’m thinking…. Barb and Martin sitting next to each other was an unlikely coincidence (in my mind, but what do I know). At some point it all ended up where it began, standing outside a music gig, smoking a cigarette….talking about the same unsaid topic…..leaning against a wall………

Now….all through this short(lol) story, the main gist was what brought us to loving the Hannah Frank Band and Hannah Frank…..”leaning against a wall with Martin Lang“……..



Martin Lang

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