DSC_6246IMG_4987New work, The project is named “Jo”…….

updates on the way……IMG_4988IMG_4989IMG_4969IMG_4971IMG_4972IMG_4970After years of shooting pictures I wanted more out of my photography. I needed it. I had reached a point where I was getting bored with the same editing processes. There were times after a shoot I would procrastinate if timing wasn’t critical or the shoot was something personal for me. I grew up with an uncle who painted pictures and murals professionally. For one reason or another I never became the bohemian painter I desired to be.

Then one day I saw a photograph painted with encaustics. It was mysterious. It had depth and texture. I was intrigued. So began my journey and quest to learn more about this process.

IMG_4865 (1)

The workshop


Building a cradled board

IMG_4866 (1)

Cradled board, assembled, taped and Gesso’d.


Ready for assembly


Images printed on watercolor paper and mounted to the boards.

IMG_4852 (1)

Finished encaustic photograph.


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