Looking Away

"Looking Away Series"

“Looking Away Series”

Looking Away. Many images of people are focused around the traditional portrait or a candid photo of a face looking at the camera or at something. I have always been drawn to faces and images of people, candid photos of men women, children presented as portraits. Those candid “street” shots may be a reflection of what the subject is looking at and included in the image, ora face simply  looking “through” the camera as the shutter is pressed.

The Looking Away project is is about faces “looking away”, capturing the essence of the subject from the rear or side perspective. It may raise questions of “what” or “who” is he or she looking at, what has grabbed the attention? My desire is to create an spontaneous story within the viewer’s mind, conjured from the immediate response by “glancing away”. When we look at a face we usually are looking into the eyes, at the lips, or are embracing an emotional response reflected in a face. We may see a flush of excitement or blush of embarrassment, but we rarely are in a position or more importantly, our intent is not to focus on the head from the side or rear. We usually are engaged emotionally or visually in the same stimuli that has diverted their attention, or most likely are looking to see what their response is. As the viewer we might not ever see the purse of the lips from the side view, or how the tension in the muscles of the neck create a physiological geometry, coupled with the hang of an ear ring or necklace, create a unique juxtaposition of flesh and material.

I encourage you to look and gaze, to ponder your own stories. Please comment and share your feelings.


"Looking Away Series"

“Looking Away Series”

About the author webgregorphoto

I'm just a guy who grew up with a father who loved taking pictures. I am self taught......a little frayed around the "edges".......and honestly just an amateur.....I appreciate a good picture....a great intriguing collage........ As a visual person, images have always had an impact on me. How a particular picture reflects conflict and tension, the "edges" of our existence...whether it be that of emotion, actions, or simply metaphors in which we are drawn to ponder our own place in time.....

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