Jimy Sohns & the Shadows of Night

shadowsnight_0221-copyJeff Intrepid singer says…..”Such a thrill to watch Bobby Messano and Michael Weber trade licks. What an amazing dynamic!!!”

shadowsnight_6950Bobby Messano & Greg Brucker

shadowsnight_6885-copyJimy Sohns

shadowsnight_6916-copyMichael Weber & Bobby Koll

shadowsnight_6803-copyJimy Sohns & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6866-copyJimy Sohns & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6774Jimy Sohns

shadowsnight_6690-copyMichael Weber & Bobby Koll

shadowsnight_6671Rick Barr, Drums

shadowsnight_6641Rick Barr, Drums

shadowsnight_6639Bobby Messano

shadowsnight_6627Bobby Messano

shadowsnight_6458Greg Brucker, formerly of the Cryan Shames is probably one of the most underrated musicians to have come out of Chicago. His grooves are tight and musical.

shadowsnight_6442-2Jeff Intrepid Singer & Michael Weber

shadowsnight_6306-copyJeff Intrepid Singer

shadowsnight_6777Jeff Intrepid singer said…….”Jimy Sohns is what we all aspire to be…. someone who has never phoned in a day in his life. He’s a badass rocker who influenced and HELPED so many other musicians and he’s still doing it. Am honored to be his friend.”

Michael McDermott & Friends

Michael McDermott and his band of amazing musicians played at Chicago Winery on Friday July 29th. It was by all accounts an incredible exhibition of musical talent. He played many of our favorite songs which included his new CD, “Willow Springs.”

It was a night of high energy and heart felt moments. Heather Horton, Michael’s wife playing violin, Ed Fritz on Keyboards, Clem Hayes on bass guitar, Grant Tye guitar, Steven Gillis hitting the drums, with Rich Parenti on Saxophone.Michael Mcdermott & Co_87 as Smart Object-1 copyMcD & Co. 3089203 copy 2Michael-323 as Smart Object-1 copyRich-315 copyuntitled-421 as Smart Object-1 - Version 3 copyMichael Mcdermott & Co146-2 copyuntitled-431 (1) copy


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